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Admission Information

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Admissions Questions?

Message us now!

Send your pre-admission

form now.



Call us to discuss your treatment goals and options, and to ask any questions you have to ensure that Greener Pastures Recovery is a good fit for you. 

Next, submit your pre-admission form to get the ball rolling. Our Admissions Coordinator will contact you as soon as we receive your form to discuss your admission date and payment of your program fee.


If admission appears imminent, discussions with our care coordinator or other clinical staff, in person or over the phone, will assure that all questions are answered and we can get right to work prepping your individual recovery plan. It is important to us that each client makes an informed decision to trust Greener Pastures for their care.




Your Recovery Team


Your Recovery Team are the special people (or person!) you choose to stand by your side as you embark on your recovery journey. These folks will help keep you comfortable, provide support and companionship as you navigate your detox and early recovery.


Prior to your admission, your Recovery Team can have an informational session and support coaching at Greener Pastures Recovery. This can happen in person or via telephone and email.


We will help them understand the detox and recovery process so they know what to expect and how best to help you.


As always, we provide 24/7 support for clients and Recovery Teams and encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Our Initial Conversation

Your first call to Greener Pastures is a brief free and confidential assessment and we are here to answer all of your questions and help you as much as we can.

Some of the topics we'll cover with you are: Room availability and admission dates, your travel plans, our billing and payment policies and options, and length of stay.

If you are calling on behalf of a loved one, we can discuss the services of a family mediator or set up an appointment for a family/recovery team meeting at Greener Pastures.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions you might have.

Paying For Treatment

We understand that paying for residential treatment may seem daunting and confusing. We are here to clear up any confusion and answer all of your questions.

Greener Pastures Recovery House is an all-inclusive private self-pay residential treatment center. We work with most private insurance and are considered "out of network." We are happy to go over that with you and  provide you a "super-bill" that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of your treatment payment after you leave.

If you need help paying for residential treatment, there are healthcare credit options as well as our generous Wellshare Program.

Your Arrival at Greener Pastures

When you arrive at Greener Pastures, your clinical team will be on hand to greet you and you'll have a private team meeting to assess your needs, discuss your recovery goals and create your treatment plan.

You will complete a medical evaluation and wellness check.

An admissions coordinator will ensure that all of your paperwork is complete and go over our House Policy and Client Rights with you.

Finally, you will be given a tour of the Greener Pastures Recovery House and grounds. You'll have an opportunity to meet staff members, house mates, or simply settle in and relax in your room.