Greener Pastures Recovery Program is now available via telehealth through

our online recovery portal and includes our exclusive HOPE CHEST subscription box - full of all the botanicals we use in our PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) protocol to ease and assist your detox and early recovery.

What's in your HOPE CHEST?

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Hope Chest

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If you are one of the +22 million Americans struggling with a substance use disorder, the best time to get help and get well is NOW. We understand that it's not always possible, preferable or affordable to put your life on hold to enter residential treatment to get help for addiction.


And now, n the midst of a global pandemic, it is hard to know where to turn for help. We are all  feeling the stress, fear and isolation caused by Covid-19. 

Family and professional responsibilities, finances and stigma are also huge barriers to getting the help you need, but GPR has changed all that with our online telehealth PAT Recovery Program & Hope Chests.

Now you can get the help and support you need right in the comfort and privacy of your own home for a fraction of the costs of pricey residential treatments. The best part is that our program boasts 96% successful outcomes, so you will very quickly be on the road back to your true self and real long-term recovery. We are here for you, all the way.

NEW!  We have expanded our program to add STEP2: PLANTING SEEDS.

After you've completed the Kick Start Recovery 28 day program, you now have the option to continue your early recovery with Greener Pastures Recovery support and HOPE CHEST subscription by signing up for our 8 week early recovery program: Step2: Planting Seeds.

So many GPR clients find health and success in our program that they hate to leave after the 28 day Kick Start Recovery program ends. After a successful detox and an empowering start to early recovery, it can feel disconcerting and risky to leave the security of the GPR recovery community. This makes a lot of sense to us - especially now - when it may be difficult to connect with recovery communities, professionals and peers for help and support.

The Step2 Program is a natural extension to the Kickstart Recovery program and gives you continued access to the recovery portal groups, workshops and activites, your personal recovery coach, and your HOPE CHEST botanical subscription. 

Step2 is completely optional and only you can decide if it's the right step for you to take. You don't have to decide now or even right away, but it's an opton we want you to have, should you so choose.


Based on your answers on the comprehensive intake form, your Hope Chest will be packed with the botanical blends, mindfulness packs and program features that will best help you and your unique situation and recovery goals.

CBD Blends

All of the Greener Pastures Recovery CBD Blends have been specially formulated to address the substance-specific detox and recovery issues that may have held you back in the past. Each formula delivers a just-right & right-on-time dose of botanical goodness to ease your symptoms while speeding the repair of body & brain.

What's Included

The Greener Pastures Recovery At Home Program is a 28 Day Program that includes*:

  • 24/7 on-call detox help line

  • Weekly telehealth nursing check-in

  • Twice weekly telehealth personal recovery coaching sessions

  • GPR Recovery Community app with support groups, mentors & friends

  • GPR Starter Kit: your personal recovery plan, guidebook with timelines, menus, supply lists & more

  • PAT Specialist Consultation & compliance management

  • Nutritional Coaching

  • Monthly Hope Chest subscription box delivery with: your specialized formulas, botanical formulations, concentrates, vape pens, grinders, tinctures, salves, edibles & more

  • Hope Chest Mindfulness packs include: journals, pencils, pens, essential oils, books, incense, facials, bath bombs, music, yoga mats and CDs & much more.

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*HOPE CHEST items change subject to seasonal availability, new product lines and our own product development. You will always receive the necessary items for a successful detox and GPR Program experience.

After you have graduated the Greener Pastures At-Home Recovery Program and feel ready to move on, you can hand-select the items that you most enjoy and that work best for you in your monthly Hope Chest delivery.

You are also free to schedule a recovery coaching session as-needed at any time. GPR Alumni are Lifetime Family, and we are always here for you.


Your HOPE CHEST will deliver everything you need to achieve your at-home recovery goals, including your detailed and personalized GPR recovery plan that you will work through at your own pace with the help of your GPR Recovery Coach and support community. 

GPR has four substance-specific recovery protocols, each with its own guidance, botanical formulas and coaching approach.

But, you are never locked in to one track, and your personal Recovery Coach is here to help you each step along the way.