Greener Pastures Recovery

Portland, Maine 04103

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911
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These are days you'll remember  ~Natalie Merchant

Each day at Greener Pastures Recovery House is an opportunity to learn, heal and grow. In our caring and therapeutic environment, you are supported as you begin your recovery journey and encouraged to remember and reclaim the person you were born to be.

No two days are ever the same and every day is memorable.

Weekdays are structured with a full schedule of therapeutic modalities, individual counseling and workshops. One day each week is Family/Recovery Team Day with a support and education group and then afternoon tea and visiting. 

Weekends include plenty of time for the three Rs: Rest, Recreation & Relaxation.


Every Saturday afternoon is Spa Day at Greener Pastures, with a wide variety of luxury treatments to choose from each week: massage, hair styling, mani/pedi, acupuncture, reiki, and more. Saturday night is Movie Night and the one night of the week that we splurge with a little junk food.

On Sundays, after a peaceful, mindful brunch, we gear up for some hardcore fun with Recreational Therapy. Greener Pastures enjoys memberships at several Portland-area recreational  centers and is in close proximity to a multitude of fun and engaging parks, trails, rivers, beaches and mountains. So, whatever the weather or the season, we work hard and we play hard!

Check out our daily schedule: