Innovative Addiction Program in Maine is Accepting Clients: Greener Pastures Recovery House

Greener Pastures Recovery House offers a unique and innovative PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) approach to the rampant opiate epidemic that defies conventional treatments while the overdose death rate continues to climb and break records every year. We espouse a holistic recovery philosophy that seeks to provide harm-reduction strategies by using plant-based natural medicines in a holistic treatment paradigm that allows our clients to find recovery in a self-directed, wellness-empowered treatment program. Over 72,000 American people died of drug overdoses in 2017, which is 10,000 more lives lost than in entirely to the Vietnam War. That number is expected to climb in 2018.

The majority of the overdose deaths (20,145) were caused by fentanyl and other synthetic opioids, with heroin coming in a close second. Professionals in the trenches (doctors, law-enforcement, therapists,) feel that the opioid epidemic is fueled by drug companies and the US Congress. While government is doling out more money for law enforcement, incarceration of addicted people and funding for MAT clinics, the scientific cannabis community is stacking up a lot of Community Based Evidence (CBE) that shows great promise for cannabis therapy in the treatment of substance use disorder. In fact, it is documented that States with medical cannabis programs see a 25% decrease in opiate overdose deaths. The science is catching up with what many medical cannabis caregivers know: cannabis therapy decreases their patients' use of opiates and is saving lives.

Greener Pastures offers a variety of PAT options for clients to choose from as an adjunct to our holistic recovery program, which includes 40+ hours of therapy per week, occupational therapy, groups and workshops - all in a therapeutic residential setting. Clients are encouraged to learn about options and then self-direct their recovery path. Each person's treatment plan is as unique and individual as they are. We meet clients where they're at, and empower them individually and as a community to engage in their recovery. In substance use disorder, abstinence is a lofty goal. We cannot reach that level of recovery if we are dead; a harm-reduction strategy is a stepping-stone to reclaiming and saving lives. #greenerpasturesmaine #cannabistherapy #PAT #harmreduction #cannabis #opiateepidemic

#cannabis #cannabistherapy #recovery #substanceusedisorder #AltMAT

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