More Than Dabs: Addiction Treatment Modalities at Greener Pastures Recovery

Greener Pastures Recovery House works with an experienced multidisciplinary team of addiction, healthcare, and behavioral health professionals in partnership and collaboration with clients to develop client-directed individual treatment plans. We develop our customized care plans using science and research-based treatment modalities.

Our therapeutic philosophy is built upon a foundation of holistic occupational therapy (OT,) which aims to treat the whole person, not just symptoms or behaviors related to the diagnosis of substance use disorder. We look for the wellness within, help clients find it, too, and build on that to enhance, expand, and protect recovery.

The allied professionals in service at Greener Pastures share our philosophy, and our clients enjoy a very individualized and tailored treatment plan that falls in line with their own goals, plans and strengths.

Greener Pastures espouses a harm-reduction approach to recovery and recognizes that true recovery is a life-long effort and way of life. We understand the disease of addiction and acknowledge that total abstinence is often not the first step in a life of recovery, but a distant goal that is attained after a lot of work and healing have happened. We honor all roads to recovery, support cannabis-inclusive therapy and agree that a life that WORKS, with function, intention, purpose and health is a victory to be celebrated! We are committed to treating the whole person. Alt-MAT is just one aspect of the care we provide: plant-based medicines help through withdrawal, ease cravings, and provide much relief in detox. Cannabis heals the endocannabinoid system and CBD does a lot to repair brains affected by opiate use disorder. But, a true recovery treatment program must provide lots of individual and group therapy to address the trauma that led to addiction and the harms that drug addiction has caused in the lives of so many people. For that, our Recovery Program has 40+ hours of therapy built into the schedule each week. Just as clients are encouraged to make healthy and mindful decisions regarding their plant-based medicines, they are offered a wide range of therapies, groups and workshops to help the healing process and ease the transition back into a life of health, function and wellness.

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