Is Addiction Just a Bad Decision?

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(Click on picture to view Arthur Vines original video. *TRIGGER WARNING* He's aggressive.)

Have you seen this video? Do you agree? Is addiction a disease or a choice?

This video feels like this guy's much-needed vent and rage against addiction, but he's all wrong, IMO. Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that requires life-long management or death occurs.

In the past, I have felt what this guy is throwing down. I've been there, especially watching family members destroy themselves and others in active addiction. However, the more I read and researched, I came to understand that drugs alter the composition of the brain, and impact the pleasure and reward centers in the brain, so that it is very much dis-eased and malfunctioning.

Some people are physiologically wired for addiction - to anything: drugs, alcohol, sugar, sex, hoarding, even anger and rage, etc. Some people are born drug/alcohol-affected due to their mother's use during pregnancy. Many people become addicted as the result of unresolved trauma and/or undiagnosed mental health issues and are "self-medicating" just to cope in life.

He mentions AIDS. Some people willingly engaged in risky behaviors that resulted in contracting AIDS. Do they not deserve proper medical treatment, care and compassion? What about the scourge of obesity in this country that is turning millions into diabetics? Is diabetes a disease or the result of a poor choice? Does it matter?

Drug use causes all kinds of quirks with dopamine production and neurotransmitter interactions that only time and intention can heal. Cells do replicate over time and a person can return to a physiologically healthy state, but that addiction is always looming and must be intentionally managed and recovery must be guarded like a precious gem.

Rather than shaming, blaming and berating, we need to address the underlying trauma and pain that is fueling the addiction epidemic. Stop wasting time on stigma and put that energy into solutions.

Our recovery program at Greener Pastures Holisticare addresses the needs of the whole person, on an individual basis, all while using a plant-based harm-reduction approach to mindfulness and wellness. People do recover, but they need love and compassion and time. Email us: Call us: 207.835.9527

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