Meet Our Program Director

Ron Figaratto, OTR/L

Meet the Greener Pastures Recovery House Administrator and Program Director, Ron Figaratto, OTR/L.

Ron is an experienced occupational therapist who, in his 18 year career, has worked with people aged 2 to 102 in every facet of human health and development.

Ron received his BA in Psychology in 1998 and then completed his Masters of Occupational Therapy in 2001. He comes with a wealth of administrative and managerial skills after a long career as the Director of Rehab Services for The Maine Veterans Homes.

Ron is a talented, award-winning cultivator and cannabis aficionado who grows craft-quality medicine for his patients in the MMMP since 2012. It is Ron's steadfast belief that cannabis is an essential nutrient that corresponds to the body endocannabinoid system (ECS.) It is through his own personal experience of 25 years in recovery and as a medical cannabis caregiver working with vulnerable patients that Ron realized the potential of cannabis therapy to treat addiction, withdrawal, and as a support for addiction recovery. That realization inspired he and his wife, Roxanne, to create the treatment approach that is the foundation of the Greener Pastures Holisticare addiction and recovery protocol. As the Program Director, Ron implemented a holistic, occupational-therapeutic approach to addiction treatment that ensures an individualized whole-person, self-directed, mindful approach to recovery. Ron is also a wellness coach who has created an innovative fitness program that is called

5 Minute Burst, which is cannabis-inclusive, individualized and provides a free online support community. Ron is the proud and amazed father of their three young-adult children, and is now called "Pappy" by three adorable grand-babies. Ron is an avid football fan, loves tennis and travel. Besides his work, his passion is music - singing, performing and writing- which has led him onto many stages as the lead singer of several bands, and a variety of roles in musical theater productions around the State of Maine.

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