Purple Ribbons: Opioid Crisis Awareness

“Those that say it can't be done should get out of the way of those doing it.” We are several years into the deadly opiate epidemic. It has been declared a national health emergency, yet no action is being taken nor dollars allocated to addressing this crisis. At the 2018 State of The Union (#SOTU) speech, lawmakers wore purple ribbons to bring awareness: http://www.insideedition.com/lawmakers-wear-purple-ribbons-state-union-raise-awareness-about-opioid-epidemic-40305 We are charging into battle against this deathly scourge, armed only with our promising community-based evidence and hope! Recently, Greener Pastures has been attacked in the press by "experts" who condemn and criticize our holistic recovery program. That these experts own MAT clinics and prescribe methadone and suboxone is especially disheartening, given that they should be well-aware of the pitfalls and failures of the drugs they prescribe. The success rates of their protocols is disappointing. The drugs they recommend are well-known drugs of abuse and diversion, with known risks of death. They decry the absence of FDA approval for plant-based therapies, yet Methadone was FDA approved in 1947 and Suboxone got its green-light in 2002; the overdose death rates have continued to skyrocket despite FDA approval and widespread use of these drugs. We have met people whose lives have been saved and who lead productive lives while continuing to take their FDA approved MAT medications and we are so grateful for that. Still, it's an approach that fails many, many others. As a community, we have to embrace all roads to recovery. When the death toll spikes year after year, all safe options must be on the table. We have seen lives saved and families spared the loss of a loved one and we're doubling down on safe, non-toxic plant-based approaches to harm-reduction!

opioid crisis awareness ribbon

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