The First Cannabis-Inclusive and Kratom-Based Addiction Recovery House Opens in Maine.

The First Cannabis-Inclusive and Kratom-Based Addiction Recovery House Opens in Maine. Grand Opening: March 26, 2018

Everything is coming together! Opening day is March 26 and we still have available beds! If meetings and rehab have failed you in the past - consider HOLISTIC RECOVERY using a plant-based approach to beating addiction, once and for all. In addition to a plant-based harm-reduction approach to withdrawal and recovery, Greener Pastures provides 40+ hours of individual and group therapy each week. Clients are empowered to chart their own path in recovery and each treatment plan is individually personalized. The Greener Pastures Recovery Program is all-inclusive; just bring your self and your personal items and everything else you need is provided for you. Beautiful rooms, semi-private baths, a wide variety of delicious and nutritious organic whole foods are available, as is an endless supply of tasty snacks, herbal teas and fresh-brewed coffee. Food is medicine at Greener Pastures. Each day offers a new, enlightening activity for clients to engage in: meditation, horticultural therapy, recreational therapy, and body-energy workshops such as: reiki, polarity therapy, EFT, accupuncture, massage and more!

Feel free to message us with any questions you have. We offer a sliding-scale fee program and one scholarship bed each month! Recovery thrives in community!

If you feel Greener Pastures is the place for you or a loved one, contact us today or complete the pre-admission form on the website.

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