Greener Pastures Recovery House on CNN!

Greener Pastures Recovery House on CNN

In February, 2018, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his CNN crew traveled to Maine, where overdose deaths have doubled over the past three years, to interview the pioneers in this State who are advocating cannabis therapy as an exit strategy in the opioid crisis. He met with patients, doctors, lawmakers and caregivers who have discovered the efficacy of cannabis in substance use disorder (SUD) and spoke with those who are risking it all to bring this solution to the fore. Greener Pastures Holisticare operates the first and only Recovery House in the country to use cannabis therapy for opiate addiction. Greener Pastures explores a myriad of plant-based strategies to help people recover from opiate addiction. Kratom is used to ease withdrawal symptoms and pain. Passionflower extract is used to calm the nervous system and relieve the restless leg syndrome (RLS) that so often accompanies acute withdrawal syndrome (AWS.) CBD is used to ease anxiety, which is so often a co-occurring diagnosis of addiction, and to heal brains that have been damaged by years of opiate use. Greener Pastures Holisticare has experienced a lot of push-back, disdain, and criticism by the medical industry, local press and local government agencies. The recovery program has been dismissed as "harmful nonsense" by a Portland doctor who prescribes suboxone, which is considered the "gold standard" MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment.) The Greener Pastures Recovery program has helped many people with suboxone and methadone addiction quit those drugs in favor of non-lethal, non-addictive cannabis. The Greener Pastures protocol is based on years of extensive research and experience treating patients under the Maine Medical Marijuana Program. The therapeutic program was created and written by Program Director, Ron Figaratto, MOTR/L, an occupational therapist with 18 years experience as a rehab director. When he lost his younger sister to an accidental fentanyl overdose in 2016, he decided to share all he had learned about the benefits of cannabis therapy for addiction in a program that might save others. Unlike typical MAT programs that dole out cups of methadone and suboxone strips and send patients on their way, Greener Pastures provides a comprehensive program that includes plant-based harm-reduction strategies in concert with intensive holistic therapy, counseling, workshops and mindfulness experiences. Over the course of 30 - 90 days, clients detox from opiates, replenish their endocannabinoid systems (ECS,) repair opiate-induced gastrointestinal damage through nutritional whole-food diets and beneficial supplements, engage in the hard work of recovery, and they find themselves again. When they leave, they are equipped with the tips, tools and techniques to grow their own recovery and share that health and knowledge with others. Opened in March, 2018, Greener Pastures Recovery House is in full swing with eight recovery beds. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, and other rehabs or 12 Step meetings have failed, it might be time to try something cutting-edge at Greener Pastures Recovery House.

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