Taunton Bay Recovery Scholarship

On Wednesday, May 16 some real magic happened at the Greener Pastures Recovery House.

On that fateful day, the Taunton Bay Soap Company crew traveled from their World Headquarters in Sullivan, Maine all the way down the coast to participate in a joint-interview at Greener Pastures Recovery House in Falmouth, Maine. As the Taunton Bay Crew rolled down the scenic private drive at Greener Pastures, the Greener Pastures Team was having a sunny-side meeting out in the parking lot - deep in discussion on the topic of best-practice and compassionate care of clients. We were all excited about our interview that day with journalist Azeen Ghorayshi of BUZZFEED. The chance to tell the world the truth about "saving lives with leaves," cannabis-therapy, kratom therapy, and holistic recovery is delicious, indeed! The Taunton Bay crew: Veronika Bamford-Connors, Norman Bamford, and Dereck Connors were welcomed inside the Greener Pastures Recovery House for their first visit and a tour of this beautiful space. Norman may have uttered, "wowee zowie" but no one caught that on tape; suffice to say, everyone loved the place and immediately picked up on the amazing healing energy and gorgeous ju-ju that lives and breathes at Greener Pastures. Taunton Bay wowed Azeen with the wonders of kratom for addiction recovery, pain managment and the universal truth that kratom saves lives. Taunton Bay Soap Company is not your everyday kratom vendor. These folks are bursting with intelligence, integrity, care and compassion! At the end of the day, it's fair to say that Greener Pastures Holisticare and Taunton Bay fell in love with each other. It's a match made in heaven. It means so much to us here at Greener Pastures that folks like Veronika, Norman and Dereck believe in our mission and took an amazing stand to support the work we do by establishing the Taunton Bay Recovery Scholarship to award FREE recovery programs to people struggling with substance use disorder and fighting for their lives! Their generosity is not surprising, though, as they have helped hundreds of people over the years and their commitment to RECOVERY is astounding! So, it is with excited, humbled, grateful hearts that we announce the Taunton Bay Recovery Scholarship! CRITERIA: Two scholarships for the Greener Pastures Recovery House 30 day program are available. We want to hear from the applicants, themselves, so please don't fill out applications on behalf of others. Ages 21+ only. We cannot accept cases of benzo addiction or alcohol use disorder. No pending legal actions or probation. No history of violent crimes or charges. Be teachable and ready to embrace recovery. A strong desire and commitment for making amazing life changes! Fill out the pre-admission form on the Greener Pastures website. Send an email to Greener Pastures and tell us your story!

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