Is Greener Pastures Right For You?

Greener Pastures is unlike any other recovery house in the USA, which is why we've been profiled on CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, BUZZFEED News, and even Playboy Magazine. People hear that we are cannabis-inclusive and support the use of kratom for withdrawal symptoms and they become very curious to know exactly what the heck is going on at Greener Pastures Recovery House! We've had several visits from Portland-area doctors, counselors, and members of the recovery community, and we are so pleased to welcome them in to see our recovery house and talk about the cutting-edge program we offer, which is based on science, solid community-based evidence (CBE,) experience and an understanding of holistic health. Anyone who expects to find a smoke-filled commune with a struggling Grateful Dead cover-band living in the attic is bound to be disappointed, but only until we serve up a delicious whole-food Supah Smoothie and take a tour of the house and grounds. Greener Pastures is teeming with healing energy, peace and serentity...and the good juju is contagious. Greener Pastures Recovery House offers a new approach - Alt-MAT - with holistic recovery that is based on plant-based alternatives to medication assisted treatment (MAT,) 12 Step alternative supports, science-backed therapeutic interventions, honesty & mindfulness. The use of cannabis, kratom, and all other plant-based approaches to wellness (including the food we eat!) is mindful and intentional. Plant-based interventions, together with counseling, education, workshops and a several therapeutic options is always personalized and collaborative with clients. People make choices about their recovery plans that WORK in their lives and are sustainable for the long haul in their recovery journey. So, Greener Pastures might be right for YOU if: ~~ other rehabs, meetings and therapy have failed you ~~ you need a place of peace, calm and support to quit drugs ~~ prefer to make your own decisions about your recovery approach ~~ thrive in a collaborative environment where your ideas are respected ~~ are teachable: open to learning a new way to be in this world ~~ have a core belief that you deserve health and happiness ~~ have found that abstinence does not work well for you

~~ you want to learn the benefits of and science behind mindfulness ~~ believe that "recovery" is a life that functions to support wellness in body, mind and spirit ~~ you are looking for a recovery community that values and supports you

~~ love the Grateful Dead* If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please call or write us anytime to find out how you can take the first step to getting your life back and being the person you were born to be. Call: 207-835-9527 or write: *joking!

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