Scientific Study of PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) at Greener Pastures

Big News and a call to ACTION! Greener Pastures Recovery is gearing up for a landmark human study of its PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) protocol which will examine and document the effects and efficacy of kratom, cannabis, CBD, ashwagandha and other herbs for the detox, withdrawal, short-term and long-term recovery from substance use disorder (SUD.) The study will take place at the Greener Pastures Recovery House in Falmouth, Maine, where clients using PAT engage in a comprehensive holistic recovery program that is collaborative, educational, and based on science and mindfulness. Greener Pastures offers 30, 60, 90 Day Programs that are individually tailored to empower people to find and build on the wellness within, honoring each person's unique recovery journey. Clients attend counseling, workshops, groups and enjoy daily yoga and Greener Pastures' own fitness program: 5 Minute Burst. For years, kratom has been a target of the FDA, which has sought several times to ban the plant and place it on Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, equating it to harmful, dangerous and addictive illicit drugs. Such action would render kratom ineligible for scientific research and would turn millions of US Citizens who rely on the analgesic effects of kratom for their health and physical functioning into criminals. For years, kratom advocates have decried the lack of human studies on the safety and efficacy of kratom in the face of the unfounded FDA criticisms and warnings. This is the study we've been wanting and needing to happen for years! The existence and the outcome of this study is very important for the future of kratom, and will go far in validating kratom use, while also protecting it from rogue FDA attacks. Numerous data sets, with positive outcomes expected, published in scientific journals would greatly insure the availability, access and security of kratom in the future. CALL TO ACTION: Greener Pastures is desperately seeking Scholarship Funding Partners to help those who are uninsured, under-insured or indigent to enroll in the recovery program. Greener Pastures has funded several recovery scholarships since opening on a shoe-string budget in March, 2018, and has enjoyed support from local Maine businesses who believe in our mission and support recovery for all. Taunton Bay Soap Company, Greener Pastures' Major Sponsor, has generously donated $22,500 for recovery scholarships. Thank you, Taunton Bay!

This study is an absolute necessity to collect data to prove the safety and efficacy of kratom for addiction recovery. For years, experts in the botanical fields and stakeholders in plant-based product industries have decried the lack of human studies and advocated strongly for the necessity of scientific study of these modes of wellness, so this study is an exciting development with a lot of potential. The greater outcome of this science is the surge in information and education that will stomp out kratom stigma and perhaps create health policy and public opinion that will lead to widespread use and acceptance of PAT approaches to health and wellness! Anyone who would like to sponsor a Recovery Scholarship at Greener Pastures, just send an email to: Donors will be thanked and publicly acknowledged on the Greener Pastures website, all social media platforms, newsletters, press releases, and at industry conferences and workshops. If you would like to donate and name the GP scholarship after your company or in the name of a lost loved one, we would love to help you make that happen! Please support Greener Pastures in this enormously important work! This matters to everyone: botanical users, botanical vendors, all who love them, and the potential millions of people who might then receive education, information and assistance in plant-based approaches to wellness as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

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