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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are so grateful! Our Major Sponsor, Taunton Bay Soap Company, has just funded the Greener Pastures Scholarship Fund $7500 to help provide more much-needed recovery beds for people in desperate need of our services! Taunton Bay's love and generosity is legend and several GP Alumni are living empowered lives of freedom as a direct result. Taunton Bay's continued support of recovery at Greener Pastures is invaluable to our operations and mission. Without their generous assistance, several clients now living purposeful lives in recovery would not have been able to enroll at Greener Pastures. In this, our first year of service, Greener Pastures is grappling with a very tight budget. In order to provide the level of service we do: room, board, botanicals, assessments, counseling, workshops, coaching, and supplies - on top of the recovery household budget - we very much need and appreciate the love and support of all donors. We have a fundraiser going on, now, to support an emergency admission. "DJ" was in the hospital after a relapse led to her being violently attacked, robbed, and nearly raped in Lewiston. After a two week stay in the hospital, she had nowhere to go. Through a caring ally, we were informed of her plight and her strong desire to recover from the addiction that nearly cost her her life. Though we had no money in our budget for a scholarship, we couldn't turn her away, so launched a $6,000 public fundraiser and were thrilled with a the strong, immediate response from friends and supporters. Our Program Director, Ron Figaratto's, Fryeburg Academy Class of 88 showed up strong with an outpouring of support, as did many others. Some donated in memory of lost loved ones, or in gratitude for loved ones spared. Some just strongly believe in this new PAT protocol that is working so well. We are 1/3 of the way to reaching our goal, and we hope and pray that others will come forward to donate to "Team DJ" and share our fundraiser, mission, and program with others who can help and who need us.

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