Maine Innovates In Response To Overdose Epidemic

"When will the medical community catch up with what their patient populations are doing?" ~Dr. Dustin Sulak

Dr. Sanjay Gupta came to Maine and met with us in February to learn about Greener Pastures, the first PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) recovery house in the country. It was a true pleasure to meet him as he is kind, smart, humble and cares deeply about the solution to the opioid epidemic that is killing so many. Greener Pastures had not yet opened for admissions, but Dr. Sanjay asked if he could return for a visit once we began serving clients, and we're very much looking forward to welcoming him back!

Kudos to Maine! Dirigo: I Lead

That he and the CNN Crew came to the State of Maine is indicative of the alarming spike in overdose deaths, which have doubled in the past three years. But, his visit to Maine also highlights the depth of knowledge and innovation that is inherent in Mainers who take pride in leading the way in novel and disruptive solutions to problems. Many of us in Maine, such as the exemplary Dr. Dustin Sulak, have taken great time and risk to learn about and advance the benefits of cannabinoids and to stake our professional names, reputations and livelihoods on its merits and benefit of humankind.

Link to Maine Segment on CNN: WATCH NOW

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Actions

Never before has this old adage been true in Maine, and around the country, as the rates of death by drug poisoning skyrocket and the Federal Government has classified this epidemic as a National Crisis. The fact laid bare by Dr. Sanjay's documentary, WEED 4: Pot vs. Pills, is that the "gold standard" pharmaceutical approaches to addiction, methadone and suboxone, are not working for many, and this crisis demands that all options be put on the table to stem the tide of death and heartbreak.

One of our clients told the story of her recent stay in a regional hospital, where patients were pressured to accept a suboxone prescription, and those doses were being diverted to others, where some patients would take it into the bathrooms, dissolve it in hot water and snort it up their noses. This is not a solution to addiction, this is not harm-reduction, this is not a safe approach. Cannabis is.

"When will the medical community catch up with what their patient populations are doing?" is a question Dr. Dustin Sulak asks that both challenges the status quo and is a dire warning command to the doctors who vow to "do no harm" to expand their understanding of a viable, efficacious, and safe alternative to pharmaceuticals. Pathetically, the Endocannabinoid System is taught in just 15% of medical schools. That needs to change.

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