PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) For Addiction Recovery Powers Intuition

Just say what??

Active substance use damages important connections in the prefrontal cortex of your brain. Decision-making, memory, discernment and the ability to make a choice are heavily impacted. "Just say no" is often physically impossible for people struggling in active addiction. The helpful voice of our innate intuition, which guides us all and keeps us safe from danger, is bound & gagged in the basement utility room of active addiction.

We understand that addiction is a symptom of trauma, isolation and fear. Traumatic experiences and dysfunction cause immense pain that people try to mask and bury by "numbing down" those feelings, usually with drugs and alcohol.

The Greener Pastures protocol for early recovery is PAT: Plant-Assisted Therapy for rapid repair of the stomach, brain, and muscles in concert with therapy, coaching and mindfulness workshops aimed at re-building self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and cognition. Plant-based approaches to addiction are widely revered for easing withdrawal symptoms, but PAT is much more: it is plant-ASSISTED therapy, which simply means that instead of just using cannabis, kratom, and other helpful herbs to treat symptoms, we include these plants in our whole-person protocol to improve and increase the outcomes of our addiction treatment therapy program, which is based on mindfulness and holistic occupational therapy. Cannabis and kratom are both adaptogenic plants that address different receptors in the human body to promote feelings of physical and emotional balance. Ashwagandha is another beneficial adaptogenic herb available to our clients at Greener Pastures that is an amazing stress reliever. The Greener Pastures protocol is helping people to quickly detox harmful substances and build real health and freedom. Flash! What the ??? This rapid improvement in whole-person wellness is joyful and scary! Feelings and perceptions that have been chemically numbed for years surface: challenges are faced, fears are overcome and flashes of innate intuition cause confusion. Things and events that we chemically "ignored" in active use are suddenly alarming and invite feelings of remorse, fear, guilt and shame. We bring those feelings into the light and give thanks for our inner knowing.

"I did then what I knew best, when I knew better, I did better." ~Maya Angelo

We encourage people to nurture that intuition. It is your inner-knowing that will whisper (or scream!) at you when you're facing risk or danger, be it a person, place or thing. Very often, those most impacted by substance use disorder are Empaths: sensitive to the needs and emotions of those around them. So, that highly sensitive intuition that absorbed so much negativity around you is a grown-up now and free of damaging substances, with a pocketful of self-love and understanding.

When intuition nudges you, tune in with all of your six senses and make a choice that supports your new life in recovery and your new-found love and appreciation for who you are and all you can be. More than just listening, make your intuition your best friend and consult him/her whenever you're in doubt.

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