PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) Is A Game-Changer

Research shows that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are powerful tools for recovery in healing from addiction. Greener Pastures Recovery is based on the principles of mindfulness and all of our programs and groups focus on the healing of the body, mind and spirit damaged by harmful substance use.

We know people with 2-10 years of abstinence who are still not in recovery, or consider themselves to be "white-knuckling" their recovery, because they have yet to do the more in-depth and necessary work of healing the prefrontal cortex of the brain that becomes damaged and disconnected during active use. MRI scans prove that this area of the brain lights up significantly after engaging in yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

The beauty of Greener Pastures' PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) protocol, especially inclusion of CBD-rich extracts, which work to speed brain and body healing, is that these plant-based modalities enhance our mindfulness approach to recovery. Plant-assisted therapy enables clients to get in conscious contact with themselves and others, to more easily engage in a yoga and meditation practice that eases anxiety and depression. People can quickly connect with the spirit and soul of who they are and make decisions about their long-term recovery, which honors this newfound self-knowledge.

As more Greener Pastures Alumni share their recovery stories, and as we launch the scientific study of Plant-Assisted Therapy, the old myth that cannabis is a gateway to drug addiction is solidly debunked and the truth emerges: Cannabis is a gateway to recovery.

In the midst of this deadly drug epidemic, with no end in sight, PAT is a strong, viable option that, when included in a mindfulness-based therapeutic program, based on the principles of occupational therapy, is a real game-changer.

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