If MAT Is The Gold Standard, Then PAT Is Platinum

The staff at Greener Pastures sees the merit in PAT (Plant Assisted Therapy) for addiction recovery. Our clients become our biggest supporters. Clients' family members who may have been skeptical, doubtful, and even opposed to PAT become our biggest cheerleaders. Why? Because PAT works.

PAT is a novel approach to addiction recovery and harm-reduction. It's much like the "gold standard" of addiction treatment, MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment,) in that harmful, deadly substances are replaced by another substance that will (hopefully) not kill you, ease drug withdrawal symptoms, and assist you with your long-term recovery goals. There are a few key differences, though:

  • MAT uses evidence-based pharmaceutical medications (which are often also harmful and deadly if mis-used) to replace problem substances. The drugs prescribed often enable people to return to their normal lives, to avoid legal troubles and criminality, and focus on long-term recovery. The trouble with these prescriptions is that they are also addicting. Suboxone is the most trafficked contraband in the Maine State Prison system. Suboxone is a highly diverted medication, with sales and trades of the drug occurring even within the hospital walls where it is practically mandated by doctors for substance use disorder. Methadone requires that users travel to a clinic every day to receive their dose. Both methadone and suboxone are 1.7 times more difficult to detox from than heroin is.

  • PAT uses natural, non-toxic, non-addicting plants to replace harmful substances.

Plant-based approaches to recovery enable people to return to their normal lives, promote complete and rapid healing of the body systems (brain, stomach, organs) that are damaged in active substance use. Used within the context of a holistic recovery program, PAT fosters a deeper connection to the Self and the healing of the trauma that lead to the symptom of addiction. We rely on Community-Based Evidence (CBE) and emerging science to craft the PAT approach to addiction recovery. We are proud to be pioneers of such an innovative approach to treating Substance Use Disorder (SUD). It’s exciting to see all the positive results as it eases Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) and diminishes cravings. We understand that this is just the beginning of the recovery and although we fully understand how crucial it is to get through (PAWS), it’s even more important to establish self discovery and implement a strong relapse prevention plan. We at Greener Pastures recognize the shortcomings of traditional medical models of recovery, so we do things a little differently. We work with community partners, the recovery community and the public to raise awareness about the benefits and efficacy of PAT. Given the rising death tolls and the promising science that is emerging as we study the PAT protocol, all options are on the table, and PAT is emerging as a "platinum standard" of care.

Collaboration Facilitates Confidence

Greener Pastures offers a collaborative program that fosters trust, autonomy and confidence. People with (SUD) suffer from a low self esteem as it negatively impacts their daily self efficacy. Several Alumni have quit other traditional recovery programs and one woman stated “I didn’t like being treated like a child and I was overwhelmed by the rules and the constant judgement.” This just exacerbates their poor self esteem. This is a big reason why people quit these traditional programs. Acceptance and confidence are what starts the recovery engine. Our clients flourish right out of the gate because we offer mutual respect in a judgement-free environment. Collaboration facilitates confidence and trust so our clients are open to our advice and want to be accepted in our GP family. Our Alumni regularly text and visit...imagine that?! Recovery thrives in a loving, supportive community.

Students of the Universe

Our therapeutic program recognizes past trauma as the precursor to (SUD). We address this promptly in our Acceptance phase. Accountability, forgiveness and letting go are all fundamental steps when working through these memories and emotions. We teach our clients to be students of the universe rather than victims of circumstance. Don’t ask: “Why is this happening to me?” but rather, “What is this trying to teach me?” This is a huge breakthrough for people, because once the victimization is eliminated, the light comes on and the real learning can begin.

Let The Fun & Games Begin

We play Mind(ful) Games at Greener Pastures Recovery that engage all the senses and help us remember what FUN is! Finding and figuring out clues and mysteries facilitates strong social confidence through interpersonal teamwork. Solving clues and puzzles exercises complex thought processes and fires up those healing neural pathways. Racing against a clock is an exciting and healthy adrenaline rush! It’s wonderful to see a group of our clients working together to accomplish a goal. Once they participate in one Mind(ful) Game, they keep asking for more! They actually experience their own natural endorphins, rediscover their own natural creativity and want to engage more. The wonder of fun and imagination is a birthright, and this is something truly magical to see.

Confidence is further improved by our Alumni program as former clients observe themselves as a trusted member of our program as they consult and offer support to new arrivals. Relapse prevention is crucial and is addressed regularly in our secret online alumni group. Graduating clients and staff stay connected and offer support to each other so the recovery grows. This is why our clients are so successful here at Greener Pastures and they come back to visit us. We’re family. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and want to try the Greener Pastures Recovery approach, fill out the quick and confidential Pre-Admission form, and someone will reach out to you right away to answer your questions.


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