Merry Addiction: When The Holidays Really Aren't Happy

If you're struggling with addiction - yours or a loved ones - the holidays can feel pretty joyless. The added pressure to appear happy or participate in celebrations can leave you feeling depressed and isolated. Give your Self a mental break. When you're feeling overwhelmed, just try to make space for your feelings, knowing they are normal and are simply telling you that changes are needed. Observe and acknowledge your feelings without reacting to them. See them as if you're watching a movie or reading a book; let them come up and just "be" with your feelings for a bit. Then let them go, for now, and distract yourself with a new activity. Find a way to do some meaningful thing for yourself and those you love. Maybe light some candles and write a wish letter. Turn on some jazz music, make and enjoy a favorite meal. Share your favorite memory of everyone you love in a letter or card. Find three things to be grateful for each day. It will help to remember that the holidays will soon be over and the pressure will ease up. Maybe today is a good day to get help for your situation, so that next year, you'll feel like celebrating. Give yourself the gift of recovery and the benefit of the support you deserve. Recovery is peace and freedom, and that's something no amount of money can buy.

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