Kick-Starting 2019 With Hope & Science!

If you’re flabbergasted and outraged by the corporate-funded, government-waged war on harmless plants and believe, as we do, that humans have the right to self-determine their health, then this news will encourage you!

We have partnered with three Universities for a three-year human study focused on three of the plants in the GP Apothecary: cannabis, kratom and ashwagandha, and we have just received approval to launch the study!

The data collected will reveal the efficacy, effects, and outcomes of PAT for addiction recovery.

The implications are huge. A successful new treatment paradigm could save millions of lives and contribute to the end of the drug epidemic. Plant safety, efficacy, and utility will be documented, thereby helping to validate the claims and practices that have thus far been based on anecdotal and community-based evidence (CBE.)

This landmark study will be important in protecting the plants we love from spurious claims and bans. If you share our faith and wisdom about plant-based, original medicine , then you know how important this work is.

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We need all the help, support and good vibes you can offer! SCHOLARSHIP DRIVE

We are launching a Scholarship Drive to raise the money to offer eight scholarships for the launch of the study. We want a full house!

We are all passionate about this cause. We’re all sick of watching people die in this drug epidemic. We believe PAT is a way out of it. Greener Pastures Recovery will kick-start the Drive with a $38,000 in-kind donation to WellShare Program toward the Scholarship Drive goal of $76,000!

Our goal is to raise the other half: $38,000 to sponsor eight deserving people in desperate need of help, who will get the opportunity to be the first subjects in the study to share data and evidence, and we are calling on YOU to help make it happen. With the launch of the GP Scholarship Drive, please do all you can to help make it a success. Donate what you can, spread the word, share the campaign with your friends and loved ones who care about:

  • addiction recovery

  • ending the drug epidemic

  • the freedom to use plant-based approaches to health

  • safeguarding free access and self-determination in health

  • protection of beneficial plants and herbs from government bans

  • cannabis science

  • kratom science

Together, we will show the world that there’s People Power that supports the free use of plant medicine, that these beneficial plants are safe and effective, and we won’t have them banned and vilified any longer! If you are an owner of an industry company who sees the value in this landmark study, please consider sponsoring a recovery scholarship with a tax-deductible donation to WellShare Program Inc. Your involvement and support speaks volumes about your commitment and pride in your work, and lets your clients and customers know that you are going to bat for them and their health and wellness. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about sponsorship details or benefits.

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