Coming Up On One Year Anniversary, GP Looking To Expand, Seeks Investors

Greener Pastures is looking for a few like-minded Green Partners to get in on the ground floor of an emerging new paradigm in addiction treatment: PAT™ (Plant-Assisted Therapy.)

Join the Greener Pastures Family to grow with us into new regions and expand our line of substance-specific phytopharmaceuticals, which are our proprietary blends of herbal remedies for specific addictions, symptoms, and cellular repair and balance.

We've had amazing success in our first year, with incredible traction and 96% of our past clients are thriving in recovery, proving that PAT in a mindfulness-based therapeutic recovery program is not just a beautiful harm-reduction model, but is also the key to faster, long-term addiction recovery.

We've been featured on CNN, with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in several news and magazine articles, some podcasts and have garnered the attention of a few professional athletes and celebrities. We even have a potential docu-series television production in the works.

We sincerely believe we have an answer to the devastating drug epidemic that is killing nearly 200 people per day in this country. With the help of our three University Partners, and an NIH (National Institutes of Health) certificate, we will soon launch a three-year human study to collect and evaluate data to spotlight the effects, efficacy and outcomes of PAT on long-term addiction recovery. We look forward to adding our own science to our Research Page!

Greener Pastures LLC is a company that talks the talk about mindfulness, human connection and community as a solution to the pain that is at the heart of most addiction. We also walk the walk as a 3P (People, Planet, Profit) Triple Bottom Line company that aligns our business goals with social responsibility and care for the planet that provides the natural resources necessary to maintain the health of humanity.

Our ideal Partners:

  • believe that plant-based remedies are original, traditional medicine,

  • understand that we all have an endocannabinoid system that is likely deficient, causing illness,

  • want to pioneer a new paradigm of addiction treatment that is a non-toxic, non-lethal harm-reduction that also restores health and balance to the human body, and

  • espouses a therapeutic model that is mindfulness-based, empowering and compassionate,

  • want to end the deadly drug epidemic that involves over 20 Million Americans and impacts a full one-third of American families,

  • geek-out on science as much as we do and might benefit from including their botancal products in a three-year study,

  • see the beauty in the breakthrough thinking of a 3P Triple Bottom Line business model that operates ethically, acts with integrity and cares about the people it employs and serves, makes products that really enhance people's lives, and wants to save humanity from the grief of addiction

  • want to share in the excitement of this disruptive, cutting-edge and exciting new service as it explodes across the country, bringing help and hope to the masses.

If this sounds like you and you'd like more details on the terms of the Partnership, email us at: to set up a time to talk real talk.

When you email, please share a bit about you and the work you do, what inspires you, and any questions you have about this offer or about Greener Pastures LLC.


The GP Recovery Scholarship Fundraiser is also underway, and we are matching all donations up $20,000 to clear our waiting list - which is full of deserving people in desperate need of our recovery program, but cannot afford the program fees. We want to clear the list, fill the beds and launch the scientific study that will elevate PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) for addiction recovery and help validate and protect these beneficial healing plants!

So, if you're not an investor, you can still participate in this amazing recovery program by donating toward a life-saving recovery scholarship. Please donate any amount you can afford. Lives are hanging in the balance and we know PAT works to save lives! Click on image to visit our Fundraiser page:

Our four scholarship recipients from last year are ROCKIN' their recovery programs! They are working, new jobs, new cars, healthy committed relationships, quality time with children, and they are advocating hope & change and mentoring others in their communities! Bless up!

The link to donate to the Scholarship Fundraiser is below.

If you're unable to donate today, we would also appreciate your good energy and positive intentions for our mission! Please share this post to your networks - you never know who you might impact or help by just a simple post share. Your effort to help spread the Greener Pastures news is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for taking your time to read our outreach. Be kind to yourselves and others out there today!

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