Announcing HOPE CHEST: At-Home Recovery Subscription Box Program

Big News! We are so pleased to share the newest Greener Pastures Recovery service: At-Home PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) Recovery Program with Hope Chest subscription box service that includes telehealth nursing, recovery coaching and our soon-to-be-released GPR Community Support app! Greener Pastures Recovery has a mission to end the opioid crisis for the next generation with PAT: Plant-Assisted Therapy for Addiction Recovery. Currently, +22 million Americans struggle with substance use disorder and pharma dependency, yet 90% of them get no help at all, leaving one in three US households living under the crushing weight of disorder and dysfunction.

Now, we can deliver the GPR PAT program, which has an unprecedented 96% success rate, to you in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Hope Chests will include all of our GPR substance-specific CBD botanical blends and concentrates, kratom options, our PAT protocols, guidebooks, cannabis vape pens, mindfulness kits and lovely, tasty CBD treats and more from our favorite companies that we work with, such as Positive Growth Gardens, Silverchild Confectionaries, Hippie Chick Natural Solutions, Seed Sound Herbal Apothecary, and Jelly Belly Founder, David Klein's, new Spectrum Jelly Beans.

We will offer 24/7 detox support, one on one telehealth and a lifetime alumni program. Recovery thrives in community!

So many people have called and written, asking us to make Greener Pastures Recovery available across the US... we've been working on it for a long time - working out all the logistics, compliance and details, and we are excited to launch this wonderful new at-home program!

Please check out our Hope Chest web page and as always, feel free to like, share and ask all your questions! We live to educate.

Have a beautiful, hopeful April, 2019! Take off your shoes and go stand on the ground; it's good for your heart & soul. ~The GPR Team

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