National Recovery Month 2020: Celebrating Connections

The 2020 National Recovery Month theme is: “Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections” and we can't think of a more fitting way to celebrate than to share the work of therapist Glenn Simpson, Co-founder and Creative Director of RRAD (Radical Recovery Art Directive,) whose gripping launch project was "The Puzzle Project" - a literal representation of connection and how we all fit together to form a whole. From Glenn:

September is #NationalRecoveryMonth. I love seeing this community share their stories! For me, it is also an interesting opportunity to be mindful of a few things:
1) Recovery means something different to each individual.
2) Your definition cannot be applied to someone else's journey.
3) Recovery doesn't necessarily = abstinence. 4) Recovery is a continuum. 5) Each step in a less harmful direction can and should be celebrated. This looks different for different people. 6) Each step in a more harmful direction can and should be acknowledged without judgement and with support. This looks different for different people. 7) Both those in active substance use and those who consider themselves to be in recovery have valid and powerful voices that need to be heard. Don't just make a place at your table for them. Ask if you can sit at theirs. You might be in for a life lesson or two.

The Radical Recovery Art Directive (RRAD) began as a project entitled, “Pieces of Recovery: The Puzzle Project” in 2018. The Recovery Puzzle, as it became known, involved people in recovery and those they love creating a 2-foot individual puzzle piece expressing what recovery meant to them.

The project involved hundreds of recovery folks, families, and allies from various communities across the state of Maine. When all 418 individual pieces were assembled, a powerful story that spanned over 5 feet high and 80 feet long emerged - the opposite of addiction is connection.

The Recovery Puzzle continues to be displayed at many venues celebrating recovery, remembering those we lost, and expressing the need for social and political justice.

Visit RRAD to see The Recovery Puzzle:

Greener Pastures Recovery

Portland, Maine 04103

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