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In response to the catastrophic effect that the Covid pandemic is having on people who struggle with problem substance use, evidenced by spiking overdoses and preventable deaths across the US, we knew we had to find a way to offer PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) to those who need it, even during a pandemic with quarantines and financial stressors, even if people can't or choose not to come to Maine, and especially when the money is just not there to afford residential treatment. So, we rolled up our sleeves and completely recreated and redesigned our program. Now, we bring Greener Pastures Recovery to YOU: via telehealth in a private & secure online Recovery Portal and with (discreet) front-door delivery of HOPE Chests containing a month's supply of all the medicinal plants, herbs, tinctures, supplements and program materials we use in our highly successful PAT recovery program! We have had enough of the abysmal failures of the detox industry, which time and again sets people up to fail, and tragically, people are dying unnecessarily. We are tired of seeing parents and loved ones posting "RIP" pictures and messages. Heaven has enough angels; we want to keep our beautiful young people right here with us on Earth, alive and experiencing the lives that are their birthright. People absolutely fear the dreadful sickness of drug withdrawal. What if they knew about and could experience for themselves a very tolerable withdrawal with an 80-95% decrease in opioid withdrawal symptoms?! Our PAT protocol offers you this opportunity. Yes, detox week and withdrawal is just one hurdle on the path to recovery, but it's damn high. We can help you bounce over it and move on to the good work of long-term recovery.

Our exciting new program launches on Saturday, November 7, 2020. We have limited spots open for the first 10 people who are ready to embrace Plant-Assisted Therapy for addiction recovery. Learn more: www.greenerpasturesrecovery.com/enroll We are thrilled to provide an absolute BOUNTY of our PAT products and program materials in the KickStart Recovery HOPE Chest! The retail value of the HOPE Chest is over $400! We'll have plenty of pictures to share of all the amazing items next week! We have created a beautiful self-guided 60-day recovery journal: "My Recovery. My Way." This interactive journal ties together the mindfulness of recovery aspects that our former clients call "the GP Way" to our online group sessions & workshops, individual telehealth appointments and the exploration of Plant-Assisted Therapy for life-long recovery.

The journal is an amazing recovery tool where you track and record each day of your detox and early recovery. Recording your plant medicine dosing, nutritional intake and physical activity helps to establish structure that is both comforting and empowering. We support the mindful, intentional use of cannabis, kratom, ashwagandha and other plant medicines, so the daily PAT Log reinforces mindful, intentional use. The daily To-Do & Priorities list encourages organization of thought and action, accountability, future planning and goal setting. The journal's daily self-care page encourages the growth of self love & respect, while also inspiring the mindfulness practices that make the Greener Pastures program most impactful: a gratitude practice, a kindness practice, a growing foundation of confidence and self-esteem.

These are the building blocks of recovery at GPR, where recovery thrives in community.

If you are one of the +22 million Americans struggling with a substance use disorder, the best time to get help and get well is NOW. We understand that it's not always possible, preferable or affordable to put your life on hold to enter residential treatment to get help for addiction.

And now, in the midst of a global pandemic, it is hard to even know where to turn for help. Deadly drug overdoses have spiked by approximately 20% since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are all feeling the stress, fear and isolation caused by Covid-19.

Family and professional responsibilities, finances and stigma are also huge barriers to getting the help you need, but Greener Pastures Recovery has changed all that with our online telehealth PAT Recovery Program & Hope Chests delivered right to your front door.

Now you can get the help and support you need right in the comfort, safety and privacy of your own home for a fraction of the costs of pricey residential treatments. The best part is that, after 5 years. our program boasts 96% successful outcomes, so you can very quickly be on the road back to your true self and real long-term recovery.

Remember, the all new program launches on Saturday, November 7, 2020. We have just 10 spots available in the first group. So, if you're feeling that nudge, that your time is now and you think PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy) might be the cutting-edge approach you need, enroll today and secure your spot.

Learn more: www.greenerpasturesrecovery.com/enroll

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