PAT: Plant-Assisted Therapy For Addiction Recovery

28 Day At-Home Telehealth Recovery Program includes all you need to launch your health and wellness plan from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Program includes HOPE CHEST botanical subscription box, personalized program, individual and group coaching, and access to our secure and private Recovery Portal.

Your Recovery. Your Way.

Details: Personalized assessment, recovery plan, botanical products, weekly check-in telehealth, 24/7 text support during detox, twice-weekly telehealth recovery coaching sessions, community support app, recovery guides, small & personal recovery groups, caring and supportive recovery community, nutritional coaching sessions, menus and shopping lists and more. Also includes your Mindfulness Pack. PAT consultation with recommendations and local PAT resources appropriate to your home State.

HOPE Chest includes your DETOX BOX, Next Step Box, PAT Recovery Journal/Program Guide and the botanical products you'll need to help make your early recovery tolerable, comfortable, and pleasant by easing withdrawal symptoms, increasing wellness and rebuilding your health.

Kick Start Recovery Program

$695.00 Regular Price
$595.00Sale Price
Substance Specific Protocol
  • CBD Botanical Blends. Kratom products. Herbal supplements. Menus, recovery workbooks, audio books, CDs, Online GPR community group, 24/7 telephone support

Greener Pastures Recovery

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Your recovery. Your way.

In the comfort of your own home.

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