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Enriched with full-spectrum CBD, our Simply Crafted Mints are the perfect way to refresh your mind and your breath.

Each box contains 200mg of CBD infused with 200mg of GABA in 20 mints.

GABA and CBD synergize together to lower anxiety, stress, and depression.  Good GABA health is essential for mood, memory, learning, and overall healthy cognitive function.

Clinical studies show that boosting GABA with a supplement relieves anxiety, stress, and boosts the production of alpha brain waves. If GABA is optimized in your brain you’ll feel focused, relaxed and stress-free.

Anxiety and addiction are both symptoms of GABA deficiency, so this mint is a tasty stack of brain-boosting, soul-soothing goodness!

  • A great alternative to tinctures
  • 10mg CBD and GABA per mint
  • Refreshing taste and sensation
  • Vegan and GMO-free
  • No chemicals or solvents
  • Discreet and effective

Each mint contains less than 0.3mg of THC


Lab Tested | Organic | Made in the USA


Tasty Canna-Mints Infused With 200mg CBD & 200mg GABA

SKU: a7798970