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Grow Your Recovery

Recovery Care

Treatment professionals now recognize that the 90 day rehab model offered by most treatment centers does not offer the ongoing support that serious addiction problems require. Sometimes, people need months of treatment; others need on-and-off support over the course of years as addiction problems wax and wane. Whatever the case, very few who go to rehab are suddenly “fixed" and why our mantra is: "Recovery Thrives In Community." 


This is where our Grow Your Recovery Program can help.


Whether an individual initially goes into residential or outpatient treatment (or switches from one to the other), most benefit from some kind of “recovery maintenance” – often called “continuing care” or “aftercare” that continues for a period of time, sometimes for life. 


Professional help is only part of the recovery maintenance process. For instance, recovery maintenance may include on-going contact (but less frequent than in the past) with your addiction treatment provider, taking steps to reconnect with family members, going to a support group, preventing or managing a slip or relapse, starting an exercise program, and engaging in the recovery community. All of these facets may play a part in our Grow Your Recovery aftercare services.

Alumni Services &


At Greener Pastures, Each Client's Recovery Care Program is Individualized.

One of the many advantages of a program like ours is that our clients don’t have to “start all over again” if they have a setback with alcohol or drugs, or if they just want to work on another aspect of their life. Unlike programs that have a “set” timeframe with no way to attend more or less frequently as time goes on, we accommodate the many individuals for whom recovery maintenance needs to extend over a long period of time and/or who need professional care that tapers off as success is achieved, or increases if there are slips or serious relapses.


In our Recovery Day Program (RDP,) clients whose treatment typically involves frequent individual sessions often cut back on visits as they begin to move into recovery maintenance. Some come back to take advantage of our Recovery Day Program on an “as-needed” basis, which is offered to alumni at any time.


In the Grow Your Recovery Program, clients receive three complimentary aftercare sessions after discharge. Some clients then continue in individual sessions with a coach of their choice – either by continuing treatment at Greener Pastures or by going to a therapist in their home location. If a client doesn’t have a local counselor, we will help them find one.  Also, Greener Pastures alumni are welcome to return to groups and outings indefinitely, and at no additional charge (alumni are responsible for any costs associated with such outings, such as admission fees for an event or expenses for dining out).  Also, Greener Pastures offers a free CHART group every Wednesday and Saturday, open to both current clients and alumni. CHART Group is also available 24/7 online.


For clients who want extra one-on-one support, Greener Pastures offers a team of recovery coaches who can help clients accomplish specific recovery tasks – all under the guidance of clinical staff.  Some of our clients have time with a coach every day, for months. For others, contact is less frequent or for a shorter time period. For Greener Pastures alumni, all of our services are offered at a discount .


Greener Pastures Holisticare offers its facility to the Grow Your Recovery Group for meetings, events and gatherings on Sundays throughout the year. For more details on reservations, contact us.


Finally, we encourage all of our clients to try SMART Recovery support groups, either face-to-face or online. These meetings are free of charge.  Clients are also welcome to attend other support groups of their own choosing, so please refer to the great list of meetings on our Recovery Resources page.


At Greener Pastures, our addiction recovery and aftercare services are abundant, flexible, and ready to support each person as they strive for a new life of complete and lasting recovery.


Grow Your Recovery Services

The Greener Pastures CHART Program  is a mindfulness-based addiction treatment program that utilizes holistic medicine, humanist philosophy, and community as the cornerstones of recovery.


After completion of treatment, please join the  Grow Your Recovery Program with other Greener Pastures alumni! We are happy and honored to support the growth and success of your recovery journey, and we know you look forward to supporting those in early recovery who are finding their own path.






Complimentary Services:


  • 3 Recovery Coaching sessions

  • CHART group therapy

  • Grow Your Recovery Workshops

  • Grow Your Recovery Sundays (events & gatherings.)

  • Grow Your Recovery Garden & Horticultural therapy

  • Grow Your Own Gardeners Group