Steps To Recovery

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Greener Pastures Recovery Program Details

The Greener Pastures Program  is an at-home addiction recovery program that utilizes PAT (Plant-Assisted Therapy,) mindfulness, empowerment and community as the cornerstones of recovery.


The program blends Humanist philosophy, individualized coaching, and integrative modalities including:
















Trauma-informed peer support groups provide a safe environment for people to learn to self-regulate and process the suffering caused by their addiction and trauma.


Individualized treatment plans include one-on-one sessions with your coach, and personal case manager to ensure both a linear continuity of care and optimum recovery. As clients progress through our program, they regain clarity, mindfulness, and full restoration of choice.

  • private recovery coaching

  • PAT support groups

  • motivational interviewing

  • occupational therapy

  • harm-reduction coaching

  • somatic-based meditation

  • internal family systems work

  • recreational program

  • nutritional coaching

  • anger management

  • mindfulness-based relapse prevention

  • mindfulness-based living skills

  • yoga

  • experiential therapies

  • mind-body work

  • life skills coaching

  • horticultural therapy

  • holistic life coaching

  • health & wellness coaching

  • art workshops

  • music workshop

  • poetry

  • journaling

  • intensive writing workshops

Our Program

The Greener Pastures Recovery Program is specifically designed to promote an individualized path to recovery and to embrace and support that journey. We introduce clients to a mindfulness-based life and a plant-based harm-reduction approach to substance use disorder that is rich in health and opportunity, with the promise of self-discovery, love and support.

Finding the right path to recovery engages our clients in the purposeful process of healing and rebuilding their lives according to their unique perspective and goals. We work with clients whose needs and vision align with our program philosophy, core beliefs, clinical experience and expertise to help them achieve their personal goals through their individual treatment plan.

There is nothing typical about Greener Pastures Recovery, except for the happy outcome! Since each client's program is unique, the length of program can vary from 30-90 days, include any number of herbal and nutritional treatment options, and encompass several therapeutic approaches.  All clients receive many hours of therapeutic focus and mindful, reflective solitude each week for self-focus, intensive journaling, cathartic art and music, reading and Project Life planning.  It is essential that a client's commitment to Greener Pastures matches our own, as every day is a new opportunity for learning, growth and impact.

By the end of the program, each client will have found purpose, accountability, confidence, determination and wellness through a mindful approach to recovery and will leave ready to embark on the next leg of the journey. We can help facilitate those next steps to a sober-living community,  finding local recovery resources, planning a return to work or school and inclusion in our Alumni Program.  We are with you, every step of the way, always.

Cannabis -  We recognize the cannabis plant as a medicinal supplement and essential nutrient that specifically and uniquely benefits the body endocannabinoid system (ECS.)  As such, the responsible use of cannabis is not a barrier to or threat to sobriety.


Harm-reduction -  The substitution of a safer substance for one that is more dangerous. The substitution of natural medicines, supplements, and diet for harmful and addicting drugs not only eases withdrawal symptoms, which erases the pain and fear of detox, but synergistically heals and protects the body, mind & spirit along the path to recovery.


Recovery Training - Recovery is a life-long journey that brings peace, challenge, meaning, and self-actualization to individuals. We think of the CHART Program as “training” rather than “treatment” because recovery is achieved and maintained by the consistent, mindful practice of the self-directed individual who chooses it. Throughout recovery, people are continuously learning, reflecting, practicing, and sharing information and experiences.

CHART espouses a heart-centered, mindfulness-based harm-reduction approach to recovery.