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Professional Referrals

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Greener Pastures Recovery values our relationships with other professionals in the health and human services fields, and we look forward to expanding our ability to coordinate with counselors, therapists, and other treatment providers for the benefits of our clients.

We accept referrals from many different sources and are eager to work with our clients’ referents to ensure we are providing the highest quality care. Our referrals come from many different sources, including the following:

  • Primary care physicians

  • Substance abuse counselors

  • Individual therapists

  • LCSWs

  • Nurses

  • Lawyers

  • Non-profit Organizations

While these are our most common referral sources, we also are happy to accept referrals from other sources as well. 

Additionally, it is not uncommon for us to be contacted by a concerned friend or loved one of someone grappling with substance use issues. We are happy to work with those close with people who would benefit from our services, and can inform them about our admissions process, treatment options, and our program details.

If for any reason Greener Pastures is unable to provide the care a prospective client needs, we will do all that we can to make a referral to another provider that can meet those needs.

Our holistic treatment philosophy is based on effective continuity of care, mindfulness and a collaborative approach. As a result, upon receiving a referral, our admissions coordinator will process a release of information (ROI) form. Once signed by the prospective client, this form will allow us to communicate with the referral source. With a signed ROI, we will then be able to communicate regularly with our referral sources about the progress that their referred patient or client is making in treatment.

We will be in contact with the referral source during the client’s entire stay with us, and when it is time for discharge, we will work closely with each referral source to ensure that our clients will be discharged to a supportive environment that will facilitate their continued growth and recovery.


If you would like to learn more about referring a client or patient to Greener Pastures Recovery, please feel free to call or email us at your convenience. We look forward to working with you.



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WellShare Program Inc is a charitable nonprofit organization that is dedicated to uniting our neighbors to end the opioid epidemic for the next generation, because this disease effects all of us and it takes all of us to fix it.

WellShare Program works to end deadly sigma through community involvement and science-based education and by working together in communities to provide holistic recovery options to under-served and at-risk people.

Treatment scholarships are offered based on a determination of financial eligibility through the WellShare sliding-scale fee application and the availability of funds.


The WellShare Program is funded through a combination of program fees, fund-raisers, charitable and private donations.

Read Client testimonials and learn what others experience at Greener Pastures.

You might qualify for the sliding-scale fee or scholarship program! Check it out.

Admission Fee Deposit

After you speak with our Admissions Coordinator and get all of your questions answered, submit your pre-admission form, and are accepted into treatment at Greener Pastures, we require a non-refundable $1000 admission fee.

We then reserve your room for you and begin putting together your unique treatment protocol based on our preliminary conversations with you.

Now, our commitment is mutual and you can begin planning for an incredible, life-changing program at Greener Pastures.

Your Program Fee is due 7  days prior to your arrival.

Pay In Advance Requirement

We require payment in full in advance of your arrival for several important reasons:

1. We are a small facility that offers a high level of personalized care and attention.

2. We only accept new clients on a weekly basis - not daily like the large rehab centers do.

3. Our programs and workshops are pre-planned to accommodate your unique needs and goals.

If you change your mind at the last moment and elect not to attend the session that you've committed to, we do not have the ability to quickly replace you and we lose critical revenue.

Our program is moderately priced in comparison to others and every penny counts.

What Is Recovery Worth?

When you arrive at Greener Pastures, your bill is paid in full, your services are fully covered, and that frees your mind to fully commit and focus on your wellness and recovery!

During your time here, your clinical services, residential fees, and any other covered services will be documented with coding and compiled into a "super bill" that will be mailed to your home address after you depart.  You can submit this document to your private insurance company for reimbursement directly to you, if you so choose.

If you've obtained healthcare financing, you have the privilege and honor of repaying that loan over time, secure in your recovery.