You can find a variety of holistic services & programs at Greener Pastures Holisticare to support your healing journey, but at the very heart of all we offer is something so important to the health of your body, mind, and spirit that it is the guiding principal of our vision, our mission and our practice:  


We seek to foster Community because we know that we are all one and the same - we share the same stardust at our core - and our higher knowing teaches that if one of us suffers, our collective humanity suffers. When you lift one Spirit, you lift Humanity.


Community is welcoming, accepting, supportive, empowering, sharing, nurturing & joy.


In addition to the wonderful menu of services availabe here, you will find COMMUNITY, free and flowing. So dip your toes in: join our afternoon Drop-In, grab a cup of coffee or tea and commune with friends. Share your story in one of our many groups, or laugh along during a Kitchen Workshop (and take something yummy home and laugh some more!) Take (or teach!) a class.


Or, just sit and chat or color a beautiful picture - and we sure could use some help in the Garden! 





Services We Offer:


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