Greener Pastures Recovery

Portland, Maine 04103

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911
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Just the basics. At Greener Pastures, your goal is to focus on YOU and the growth of your recovery. Distractions are kept to a minimum, and part of that philosophy extends to our physical belongings and surroundings. We have what we need and what gives meaning and function to our daily lives. Less clutter, less "stuff" leaves room for expansion of our awareness, focus and peace. While you're here, your needs are simplified so that all of your energy is put into the healing process.

You are welcome
to bring your cell
phone with you.

What to pack for Greener Pastures

See special instructions below regarding personal care items & medications.
* PERSONAL CARE Items & Toiletries:

soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, cosmetics you wish to use, hygiene products, etc. must be alcohol free and come in non-aerosol containers.

Items that contain alcohol will be bagged, stored, and returned to you when you leave Greener Pastures.


Any medications you bring to Greener Pastures Recovery House must prescribed by your doctor and be in their original containers with the labels intact and legible. Birth control, hormones and supplements must be in their original, sealed packaging upon arrival.

Unlabeled or open bottles, or drugs with the potential for abuse or dependency will be removed and held for you in storage.


  • Photo ID

  • credit or debit card

  • Co-payments for prescription medications - cash or credit card 

  • 5-7 days of casual clothing including seasonal outerwear

  • Current prescribed medications (no samples). They must be in the original pharmacy bottle which shows prescription information. Liquid medications must be new and sealed.

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Razor or electric razor

  • Shaving cream

  • All over-the-counter medications must be new/unopened​

  • a cellphone and/or tablet - PLEASE no large computers

  • headphones or ear buds

  • personal photos

  • a meaningful token item

  • jewelry that you wear everyday and consider necessary, such as wedding ring or watch - otherwise leave valuables at home

Cell phone policy:

Because you are building  your recovery plan to live and succeed in the real world, Greener Pastures does not take away your cell phone. In fact, several facets of our recovery program include tech and helpful apps that we hope you will continue to use after you graduate.

That said, we view cell phones as a tool, not as an escape, and our cell phone policy reflects that. We ask that phones are turned off and remain in your room during the program day. You are welcome to use your cell phone after the evening wrap-up and at your leisure on Saturday afternoons.

While listening to music or watching a video, please be courteous of your housemates and use your headphones. When speaking on the phone, please find a private area so that others are not involved in your private conversation.

Greener Pastures LLC is not responsible for lost, stolen, broken or lost equipment and belongings.